Panels to Screens: Imagining a Live Action Cast of “Saga”

Saga may have to take the title of my favorite comic book series of all time. The covers are so vibrant that I couldn’t resist buying every chapter at once. A lot of people describe Saga as a story line with similar elements to Star Wars. It’s striking, provocative, tender, and the characters are fantastic. Not only do I adore Fiona Staple’s drawing style, I’m especially excited about the portrayal of women in color in this series.

I did a quick ideal casting of four of the characters. In the mean time, you should read the series. I’ve never talked to anyone who hasn’t been obsessed with it. I might do another installation later, but I wanted to cover just a few:


Daiane Sodre as Alana

saga3Brenton Thwaites as Marko


Serena Reeder as Gwendolyn


Jason Statham as The Will

Artist Spotlight: Wout Werensteijn

Wout Werensteijn creates these coagulated abstract paintings that somehow remind me of my own mortality. I see a fragile portrayal of an acid plagued sea in faraway galaxy that I created in my mind while I was struggling to stay awake in class. I see the most elaborate, horrific nightmare that I secretly hope to see every night. I see myself as a damn mess, though I stop at every mirror to admire the way the light hits my cheekbones.

I do not know much about Werensteijn except that he is from Utrecht, Netherlands and that he has been active for a few years. I hope to see more of his work in the near future.

Lady of the Day: Vashtie Kola


I discovered Vashtie a few years back after I saw a handful of her street style photos. “Downtown’s Sweetheart” can do just about anything (completely steal my heart). She’s an innovator in street style and a multimedia goddess: a music video director, the first woman to ever design a pair of Air Jordans, a badass DJ, and a sportswear model. Her structured tomboy style is consistent and she has and impeccable taste for gold jewelry.